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CEO and Founding Principal Designer

Paula has worked across a wide variety of sectors both locally and nationally including residential, retirement, and hospitality design. As CEO, Paula is responsible for the design direction of the company and the strategic business development of Arkee creative and her associated companies. In addition to this, she directly leads a number of strategic projects both small and large.

Paula understands the creative process and contributes to projects strategically. She places high value on collaboration and innovative thinking and forming long standing relationships with clients. Paula Bowen is a trained practicing fine artist, with an extraordinary eye for colours, textures and light-play, along with an unerring attention to detail.

She has worked as a fine tapestry weaver, rug designer, visual merchandizer and interior designer, giving her an innate understanding of the creative process and its application in the marketplace.

“I love the design industry and building businesses. Outside of the the world of architecture and interior design you can find me visiting international furniture fairs and collaborating with other business owners across a wide range of sectors. I love food and cooking and you will often find me at home trying to teach my staff how to cook.”


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Founder and Operations Manager

Martin is responsible for managing logistics, operations and the financial management of Arkee. With extensive experience of building strong client relationships and managing projects, ensuring they run to brief, to schedule and on budget.

Martin is a balanced left and right brain thinker who loves the design process and always has the ability to clarify and offer innovative ideas and contributes to projects strategically. He places high value on client satisfaction and achieving the end result of successful projects.

Martin is a highly accomplished Jazz Vocalist who has toured both nationally and internationally. He is currently developing his solo piano playing and loves the pursuit of the perfect melodic solo.


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Senior Interior Architect

James is an experienced interior architect and has gained knowledge working in multiple Australian cities and overseas. He has had the opportunity and the ability to work across many various projects from high end residential to corporate fit outs all the way to budget driven design.

James has an impeccable understanding and love for design detail. He is able to design, develop and execute important technical elements that help to deliver a high class and well thought out project.

“I enjoy all aspects of the design process from sketch to documentation to installation. Working for Arkee allows me to be across multiple projects all at differing stages.I am most passionate about is taking design ideas and concepts into the built form. The variation in client and project means that I am able to work on small boutique projects all the way up to large commercial projects.”


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Design Co-ordinator

Jane has been a part of the Arkee team for over 10 years and has become a vital part of the business. She has developed a great skill set when it comes to logistics and co-ordination of a project whether it be in the sketch or construction phase.

Jane has had experience in the co-ordination of a variety of sized projects from single residential fit outs to national developer installations. She has become an integral part of the team as her knowledge and ability of design co-ordination is second to none. She is a highly thorough and precise individual whose skills has been the result in smooth operations.

Jane knows how to get the office started on a Friday morning and will often bring a sweet or two to help the rest of the staff kick off the day.

“Working at Arkee has meant I have been able to meet some amazing people. I really enjoy the collaborative nature that the studio has to offer and love being a part of the design team. I am passionate about meeting and exceeding clients expectations and I find enjoyment in ensuring all elements of each job are a success”.


Interior Designer

Jacqui joins Arkee Creative with a background in multi residential, retail, and heritage adaptive reuse projects. Choosing to specialise her skill set in Interior Architecture, Jacqui is passionate about creating personable, playful and practical spaces.

Jacqui’s approach to design is led by a strong curiosity and appreciation for ‘beautiful things’. Inspired by all forms of art, music, food and culture, Jacqui works to create uplifting spaces through careful consideration of light, materiality, object, texture and colour selection. Outside the studio Jacqui loves to travel, and enjoys exploring all that the Melbourne arts, music and culinary scene has to offer.


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Interior Designer

Rin is a young and highly ambitious Interior Designer. She has been an extremely valuable member of the Arkee team coming in as a graduate role over a year ago.

Rin has great skills and experience in interior design and FF&E fit out. She loves the hands on elements of interior design and flourishes in organisation and management of her projects. She has an amazing skill set when it comes to liaising with suppliers and reps and has great knowledge of current product trends.

“Interior design is many many small elements all put together that create a visually impacting space. I love seeing the final transformation on site when all of research and documentation comes to life. Arkee is a fun and energetic studio where we are able to collaborate and develop timeless design”.


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Interior Designer

Laura has recently moved to Melbourne and outside of work, she loves exploring all that the city has to offer.

Laura brings an all rounder approach to her skill set. She is an important team member who is capable of working across multiple projects and applying herself to many different tasks. Laura loves taking a job from sketch to completion and gets great satisfaction seeing her design details become reality.

“Working for a design studio like Arkee, I am able to embrace such an amazing opportunity to experience a wide range of small and large projects from concept to completion. I love being able to establish skills in all aspects of the industry and am able to challenge myself to learn and develop as a designer”.


Interior Designer

Pip is a designer, artist and and writer whose practice is concerned by social politics in the context of physical environments. Amidst graduating from a Bachelor of Design (Interior) she has self published critical essays on politics and architecture alongside pursuing a research based practice with clay.

“I have an unquenchable curiosity about the world around me and a resolute passion for the significance of design within it. My enthusiasm for design spans the breadth of its application from methodology to aesthetic. Arkee has granted me the opportunity to apply creative and critical thinking to a wide range of briefs and projects – both logistical and creative – and I adore working within and as a part of it’s team”.


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Katie is vital part of Arkee’s day to day functioning. She is a highly energetic and intelligent member of the team who helps to ensure the smooth running of Arkee behind the scenes. Katie has a wealth of background and knowledge in the business industry and is a highly organised and efficient individual.