Willowdale Vision Centre

With the natural palette of light timbers, soft greys, and the liveliness of the green wall, the Willowdale Vision Centre's interior perfectly reflects what Stockland have created through numerous of their land developments and communities.The developer's focus is always to create a warm, inviting and friendly hub that is easy to navigate through, while visually stimulating for clients and staff.

Arkee worked closely with Stockland NSW to develop the Willowdale Vision Centre. The brief for the design was to create a fresh and contemporary atmosphere that aligned with the local community. Custom made joinery and detailing was the hero of this project, with the geometric etched pattern on the reception desk perfectly complimenting the bright, fresh greenery as you enter through the doors. The colourful, graphic cafe tiles echoes both of these elements in perfect balance.

When it came to the furniture and styling, simple and contemporary shapes were the go-to. Against the backdrop of the raw, natural timber textures and the vibrant hints of colour, charcoal chairs and black accents create a perfect silhouette.